Duct Tape & WD-40



you reach a point where you must scratch “the way you’ve always done it” and open your minds and hearts to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Like any father, when David Brown’s daughter Emily was diagnosed with Rapid Cycle Bipolar Disorder at age thirteen, he immediately thought he could “fi x it.” But it wasn’t until her attempted suicide turned life upside down for their entire family that he realized he would need a set of tools he had never used before.

Fear and doubt, combined with worry as a father, prompted David’s quest to learn as much as he could about Bipolar Disorder. His journey helped him to realize that some of his own behaviors were triggers to Emily’s episodes and taught him that he would have to rediscover ways to communicate with his daughter if he had any hope of restoring the trust they once had.

Duct Tape and WD-40 is an inspirational look at the journey of one father into the world of mental illness. It offers tools often unknown to parents and the children they love and the hope they need to see their implantation through.

“David’s workshop with his daughter Emily is valuable because it is not only informative and interesting but it gives hope…hope that a person can recover from bipolar disorder and- most importantly- hope that the relationship between a parent and a child can be reclaimed and, perhaps, enhanced.

David and Emily do this all with a great sense if humor and perspective. ”
—Marie Onukiavagae

“David and EMILY!!! I have not mentioned how much I understand Emily’s contribution to this book. Without her consent this gift would not be offered to the world. THANK YOU, EMILY!

Your gift of story telling is a wonderful way to present this devastating story that portrays a hopeful and enduring theme. The theme of HOPE and RECOVERY! Thank God for your telling of your story. What an impact this will have on so many people. People you will not even know you have touched.”
—Dona Constantine

I extend my highest compliments on your book, Duct Tape & WD-40; A parents guide to the mysteries of a bipolar child.

The lessons learned from your well told story will benefit those who read this book. I can see your book rivaling I’m Not Sick. I Don’t Need Help as a lifeline for families confounded and in crisis as a result of a loved one’s mental illness. Your shared experiences will spare many families of avoidable tension and conflict.

Taylor P. Andrews
Long time NAMI activist

Your book has changed my whole view on bi-polar. I am thankful that you took the time to write “Duct Tape and WD 40″. If I wouldn’t have read your book I would still be in denial, so I thank you.

Frank Magni